Why You Need Course 122

We are your Texas Teen Driver's first stop destination to getting their very own Driver's License and/or Permit. Our custom build Texas Drivers Ed Course, Course 122, includes a variety of content which covers the most basic of all of the driving skills, techniques and knowledge that you will ever need to know.


Why Course 122 Needs You

You're young and you're smart, gifts that most would people love to have. Something that should be desired to have and hold onto for as long as possible, as much as possible. That is why we have built Course 122.

Our aspirations are that by educating today's youth, tomorrow's prosperity is at hand.

By increasing the chances of survival for teens driving all across Texas, taking their first baby steps behind the wheels, a better driving generation can be cultivated with the end result that nobody will have to lose, just gain.


So why wait any longer? Sign up today, and reap the benefits of being an Afdet student.

Thank you for choosing us!